This test case requires… your blood

We’ve been trying out a few things recently at work. All of which look really cool. I’m not just saying that because I work there, I say that as a Geek who likes to try out new technologies and immediately love anything that bleeps and/or flashes. If it bleeps AND flashes, I probably have two of them.

One of the cool things we’ve been doing is an application that links to a blood content monitor. The developer came down from Scotland to demo this to Andy and I and it looks as though he’s done a really good job so far. I thought we would have to use our imaginations a little and thought the demo would end once the app asks you to take a blood sample and insert it in the machine… but no. The device was hungry… and it needed blood. Fresh blood. HUMAN blood in order for it to work. The device knows if it’s not human blood and it knows if it’s not fresh.

The app captures the results and any errors from the machine, and some of the scenarios we will need to test are:

  • Invalid blood (Water, or a sample of pig blood which came with the machine)
  • Invalid temperatures (Too hot or too cold meaning we need to chill or microwave some valid, human blood)
  • Insufficient sample size (not enough captured)

As you can see, most of these involve using genuine Human blood so one of us needs to be willing to express some blood using those one use needles used by diabetics in home testing kits.

We’re still a long way off testing it at the moment, but I have a feeling that one of us will have very sore fingers by the time we are through.

One thought on “This test case requires… your blood

  1. Old blood, new blood, red blood, blue blood. Time to hire some work experience employees and some IV equipment.

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