STC Meetup in Nottingham – The Write up

Firstly, let me apologise for not writing this sooner. I was hoping to get this done by last Friday, but it’s only been in the last couple of days that I’ve had time to sit down and commit myself to writing a Blog post about this!

It was a really really great night! I was surprised that so many people came and I wasn’t expecting that many people to turn up with it being the first meet up in Nottingham! Andy counted around 32 people at one point. I think having James Bach definitely helped it to be as successful as it was. We had people from Glasgow, London, Leicester, Sheffield and Bristol turn up and we really appreciate the effort that this guys went to in order to attend!

Here’s a brief summary of the evening:

I did a little announcement at the start to welcome people and told them about the format of the evening, the chance to win a Testing Planet subscription and the free Testing Planet papers available to take home. The Software Testing Club had put some money behind the bar which I think went within the first half an hour. I think this proves that Software Testers are big drinkers ;)

We then dived straight in to the lightening talks. The quality of the lightning talks was excellent, although everyone agreed that they weren’t technically lightening talks and everyone went over their 5 minute slot!

Selenium IDE for UI testing of web applications




The slides for this can be found here

Personas in Software Testing


Being the sole Tester in an organisation


After a short break, we launched in to James’ presentation. James’ presentation was excellent and I think he talked for the best part of an hour. I got most of it on film but my battery died after around 40 minutes. Mohinder got more footage than me, so once he makes this available, I’ll post a link to it.


These were all the photos I took on the evening.
[slickr-flickr tag=”softwaretestingclub”]

The room was a little on the small side and we were crammed in a little, but I suppose that kind of forced people to mingle a bit more than they would. The quality of the room was excellent though.

I would call the evening a success and I spoke to a lot of people who thought it was an excellent evening and was definitely something they wish they could do more of. Most of the people I spoke to said they would definitely come again if we held another one.

I’m already quite excited to start planning for the next one!

One thought on “STC Meetup in Nottingham – The Write up

  1. Thanks, Adam and the other organisers, for getting this all together. I had a very informative evening and it was great to meet other testers too.

    I’ve had some interest from some of my colleagues so should be able to drag along one or two more to the next evening.



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