Official STC Meetup in Nottingham!

I’m very pleased to announce the very first Official STC Meetup in Nottingham! This will be held on Wednesday 23rd February 2011!

Be sure to put the date in your calendars!

The Software Testing Club have kindly offered to sponsor the event and we’re hoping with their help and expertise can make this event a huge success!

For a while now Andy Glover and I have been discussing holding a meetup for Testers in the Midlands area. It wasn’t until recently that we actually started to put things in motion and started putting the bits together. We couldn’t help but notice the success of the London Test Gatherings that are frequently held in, um, London, and decided that it was time a similar event closer to home was organised.

There’s still a way to go yet with the planning and a venue has not been confirmed (this is my homework for the weekend), but what I can tell you for sure is as follows:

  • James Bach has kindly agreed to attend the meetup and to possibly give a presentation. If you’ve never met James before, this would be the perfect opportunity to pop down and meet him in the flesh! For me personally, this will be a great honour as we have James teaching the Rapid Software Testing course at our office that week and it will be a great way to round off the course.
  • Free entry, and, depending on the venue, a free drink! That’s right. We’re not charging you a penny to get in! And depending on the cost of venue we may be able to wangle a free round :)
  • A copy of The Testing Planet for you to read or take home with you!
  • A chance to mingle with like minded Testers and to share and discuss your ideas with fellow Testing enthusiasts!

An event should be appearing on the Software Testing Club site shortly and you will be able to register your attendance there! I will also set up a group on LinkedIn so that you can add yourselves to it there.

I’m really excited that we’re able to organise this and we’re truly grateful for the support we’ve had from the Software Testing Club and James Bach so far.

Be sure to spread the word and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

4 thoughts on “Official STC Meetup in Nottingham!

  1. Interesting! I’ve often thought about heading down for the London Tester meetup but never have the time (or the money for the train fair/hotel…)

    However, if it’s in Nottingham I can just head on into town on the Indigo :)

    Will make a gap in my diary. Any idea where it might be?


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