What My Driving Instructor Taught Me About Testing

It’s been a while since I had driving lessons and passed my driving test. Learning to drive wasn’t something that came naturally to me. My hand–eye coordination isn’t the best and you have so many levers to lever and twisty things to twist at the correct time whilst simultaneously looking in 18 different directions and desperately trying your hardest not to kill anyone. Continue reading

It’s a Trap!

I’m currently tantalisingly close to buying my first house. I’m currently in that weird, overwhelming paperwork stage where there seems to be endless documents filled with long and official sounding words and being stuck in a weird process that no one really seems to understand. I recently got caught in a trap that’s so easy to fall into… even for us Testers. Continue reading

Testing Practice – NHS BMI Calculator

I try and exercise my testing skills whenever I can and at least once a week I try and pick a random application that I may or may not have seen in the past and just explore it. If I can find at least one thing that makes me say “Hmm… That’s Interesting…” I feel the session has been worth-while.

One thing I’ve been playing with recently is the NHS BMI Calculator. I’ve you’ve been following my Diet progress you’ll know that weight has been a big issue for me recently and this is an application that I’m already very familiar with. Continue reading


Wow! Long time no see!

I’ll admit it feels really refreshing to wipe the old slate clean and start again. I’ve let things stagnate for far too long and I think I was well over do a good kicking up the back side.

Why the switch to a different domain? I was paying £10/month for a site I never updated. The only site on that account was this one. I didn’t want to get rid of it completely but I didn’t want to pay for something I wasn’t using. Now I’ve put it with my other sites, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money. Continue reading

What Testers can learn from the Vulcan Death Grip

One of the ways I like to apply my knowledge of Software Testing is to draw parallels with real life situations and to combine my knowledge of Testing with my knowledge of TV shows. I’m a massive Star Trek fan, and I’ve written a number of blog posts in the past about TV Shows I’ve watched, such as The Twilight Zone and a programme about Crash Test Dummies, and managed to draw parallels with Software Testing. One thing I’ve been mystified with since first seeing it nearly 20 years ago is the Vulcan Death Grip. Continue reading

Crash Test Dummies – Using realistic Test data

I was watching a programme about Crash Test Dummies yesterday. I’m on Holiday this week so I’ve been watching a lot of rubbish TV for the past week, so I thought that this was just another random programme that would keep me occupied for half an hour or so.

It didn’t click with me that this was a form of “Testing” until right at the very end of the programme until I the narrator said the following: Continue reading

Play. Laugh. Grow.

I’d like to share with you a personal philosophy that I try and apply to my work life… It just so happens to be the motto for a well known toy company…

Play. Laugh. Grow.

I first saw this in a toy shop shortly after my Niece was born last year and, in between playing with the Ben10 action figures, couldn’t help but think what a great motto this is. It may seem like a childish philosophy to have, but if you break it down in to its respective parts, it makes a lot of sense. Continue reading